Schuyler County Days Bygone

by Barbara H. Bell

Schuyler County's longest serving historian, Barbara H. Bell, combines stories and historical photos from her archives in her fifth book on local history: Schuyler County Days Bygone. The legend of the Seneca Lake monster, horse rustling, pioneer living, salt mining, gold mining, wine making, and the origins of many of the settlements in Schuyler County are a sampling of the topics that appear in Schuyler County Days Bygone.

EXCERPT FROM Schuyler County Days Bygone
“What is a lake without a mystery – or a monster? Mysteries abound concerning Seneca Lake. Most of us have heard one or more. However, information about the Seneca Lake monster is relatively scarce."

"Think of the deepest woods you know, and pretend: You and your family go to live in the most remote section of those woods. There are no modern conveniences and you arrive in a wagon, drawn by a horse or team of oxen, bearing only the most basic of household needs."

"The plot centers around horse rustling. The military used a lot of horses during the Civil War and a black market thrived. Near Mecklenburg in Smith Valley there is a stream that flows between high rock walls ... ”

Author’s Note:

Barbara Bell

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paperback, 8.5 x 5.5, 338 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9725571-3-9

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